Do's & Don'ts for storing your beautiful dress.


Storing your dress correctly is so important. Let's remember it is probably the most precious and most expensive dress you own. 


The Do's 


~  Do have your wedding dress cleaned after returning from your honeymoon.  Choose a company that specialises in wedding dresses. A recommendation is always best. 


~  Follow simple, but sensible rules such as keeping your dress away from light, damp, or heat. 


~  Be sure to store your wedding dress in a dry room that has no history of insects. 


~  Ensure the wedding dress is surrounded by acid free tissue and lies in PH neutral surroundings such as a wedding dress box. 


~  A wedding dress box should eliminate light, should not be plastic so that it can breathe and should protect from dirt, spillage, dust.


~  Choose a sturdy box for your wedding dress that should last a life time. 


~  Find a box that you really like as it will be in your house forever and will protect one of the most beautiful items of clothing you’ll ever own. 


~  Once your dress has been packed away, check it every 6 to 12 months, just to make sure nothing has happened.  You should also re-pack the dress once a year to help prevent any creasing from becoming permanent.


***TOP TIP***  Consider putting dry cleaning and the cost of a wedding dress box onto your overall wedding budget

The Dont's 


~  Plastic dress covers do not allow for changes in humidity and don’t protect clothing from the light too well so they are not suitable for long term storage. 


~  A regular cardboard or fabric box may contain acid that may cause your wedding dress to discolour over time. 


~  Don’t store your wedding dress next to the wood of a wardrobe, suitcase lining, other clothes or drawers as these mediums will have an effect on the purer fabrics that the wedding dress has been designed with. 


~  Don’t wrap your wedding dress in coloured tissue paper. Only use white, acid free paper. 


~  Hanging your wedding dress on a hanger may place stress on the seams, mis-shaping your dress in the long run. 


~  Don’t store your wedding dress in the loft or attic.  You may experience a leaking roof, dampness, changes in humidity, and small insects or animals may affect the dress, even if it’s well protected.



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