Making 'the' dress into 'your' dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Jennifer Katherine Bridal works to offer a comfortable, calm and professional experience to seamstress alterations. Always striving to reach perfection, our aim is to not only offer the highest level of fitting but to transform 'the' dress into 'your' dress - to make every dress feel custom-made solely for you. 


Whether you're looking for fitting changes, bespoke jackets, reshaping necklines, unique beading or detailing ... each new exciting project is designed closely with you to make sure it is exactly as imagined. Jennifer Katherine can offer safe hands for any dress whether new, pre-owned or vintage.


Trained at both London College of Fashion and in Nottingham, Jennifer has been working and developing her techniques over 7 years. Initially trained in period costume, Jennifer specalises in corsetry, leading itself seamlessly into the wedding world.


Currently working throughout the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire counties.


Alterations Process                          

First Fitting                                                             

For a bridal gown, we will normally aim to start the fitting process 2 months before the wedding day - however this will differ with bespoke changes.  


Initial fittings include both a consultation about your dress, pinning and costing. It is very important at this appointment to make sure you have all your undergarments and your wedding shoes.


If you are still planning to work on changing your body shape or you still have decisions to make on details of the dress...don't worry...all will be discussed at your fitting and there will still be time. 


Second fitting

Ideally, your second fitting will take place around 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding day. At this stage all alterations will be done but at a stage where they can still be altered if necessary. 


Depending on the final work required, and your preferences, the second fitting tends to be the last one before collection. 



Collection is normally scheduled during the week of the wedding.

Your dress will be freshly steamed, prepped and completely ready for the big day.


Wishing all our brides a very Happy Christmas!
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